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How Each Enneagram Type Celebrates Thanksgiving

November 19, 2021

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. So many different family members all bringing different personality types to the table, which always creates entertainment, for better or worse.

The enneagram is a great fun way to help understand yourself as well as the motivations and personalities of those we love. If you haven’t taken the assessment yet, this is a great place to see which of the 9 personality types you fall under.

Enneagram 1

Has been planning for weeks. Bought their ingredients days ago, found the recipes weeks ago, and woke up at 6am to make sure they properly prepared each ingredient so that their time in the kitchen is the most efficient.

Also, likely the person who makes and places the name cards on the assigned seats.

Enneagram 2

Thanksgiving is the Super Bowl for the Enneagram 2. A chance to have everyone under your roof while taking care of them, feeding them, and making sure everyone expresses love for each other? Is this heaven? Is distracted trying to talk to everyone and keep up with basting the turkey.

Enneagram 3

Takes their time during the meal to mentally compare all of the side dishes to each other, because, if we *were* to pick a winner, which side dish would win? (While checking work emails under the table so nobody sees)

Enneagram 4

Sitting silently by themselves, watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, quietly remembering their younger years. The excitement, the kids table, the family moments…a single tear falls down the side of their face as Santa closes out the parade, ushering in a new season of life.

Enneagram 5

Got caught up reading an article on the history of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, forgetting that they were asked to help set the table. Tells all the random facts to the Enneagram 4, who is too busy in their zone to hear and appreciate what they’re sharing.

Enneagram 6

Constantly worried that the turkey will be either overcooked or undercooked. They keep opening the oven to check on it which inevitably slows down the cooking time, which makes them worry about if they’re ruining everyone’s Thanksgiving.

Then they check the turkey again.

Enneagram 7

Saw a recipe on TikTok for mashed potatoes that they’ve never made before, but want to try to see if it tastes good. Also likely starting cooking late due to procrastinating getting the ingredients from waking up at 11am after being out with their high school friends the night before.

Enneagram 8

Knows that if the host had just trusted my method of making the turkey, it would have been a little more juicy than it turned out. Also likes the mashed potato recipe that the Enneagram 7 brought, but prefers it the way their family made it growing up.

Enneagram 9

Prays. Constantly, fervently prays that the conversation stays on light topics, and that we can make it through the meal without the Enneagram 8 correcting the Enneagram 2 on how she made the turkey.

Or if the Enneagram 5 will bring up a political article they just read, and offends the Enneagram 4?

But what if the Enneagram 7 messes up the centerpiece that Enneagram 1 put together?

What if someone is too critical of the side dish made by the Enneagram 3?

Luckily we all can learn from each other, and we can appreciate each other’s quirks.

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