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Is It Time To Change The Lyrics To “It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas”?

November 18, 2021

It seems like every year theres another song or Christmas tradition that the internet loves to attack, but this year, it seems like that may be the holiday classic “It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas”:

Famously sung by Bing Crosby, and covered by Michael Buble, the classic song is played every year in home, stores, shopping malls, and on Christmas radio stations all over the world, however, the internet seems to have an issue with some of the lyrics for promoting dangerous activity and promoting “outdated gender roles”

Inevitably, whenever a conversation like this comes up, Christians immediately get on their defenses, accusing “woke” culture of ruining once treasured traditions.

Do I think we should permanently change lyrics to this song specifically? No. But at the same time, I want to listen and learn from the people who feel strongly otherwise.

So, how should we as Christians react when society, which includes both Christians and non-Christians, ask for something to change?

  1. Recognize That Change is Not Always Bad

The first thing we need to do as Christians is realize that not all change is bad. In fact, Jesus himself challenged long-held traditions that made people of faith feel incredibly uncomfortable. Are some changes bad? Absolutely! Could changing the lyrics of a popular song make Christians feel like Christmas is under attack? Also yes. Is this a hill you’re willing to die on? That’s a decision you need to make for yourself.

As Christians I’ve seen so many people get stuck on tradition, and while we serve a God who is unchanging, we live in a society that is constantly changing, for better or worse. Failing to recognize that and failing to engage in healthy conversations about change can ultimately harm others.

2. It’s OK To Be Angry or Sad About Change

Jesus himself got angry. Anger and sadness are not bad emotions. When you’ve lived your life taking part in a tradition, and all of the sudden it feels like a new generation of people are taking something away from you, it can hurt (Yes, even if it’s *just* lyrics of a song).

It’s perfectly OK to express that you’re sad or angry about the change, but please keep in mind, your reaction may be seen as a representation of people of faith.

3. Your Reaction Will Affect Your Evangelism

Every day I get incredibly frustrated when I see Christians day in and day out showing hate to marginalized groups, excluding people from from coming into their churches, and overall choosing to be judgmental over showing Christ’s love.

A wise man once told me that there is almost a guarantee that there is someone in your life where you will be their only experience of seeing or knowing a Christian. The decisions we make on a daily basis towards how we act towards others, including those who disagree with us, affect our ministry.

It’s perfectly OK to not want Christmas songs to change, but how will you put forth that message? Is it put forward in a loving way, or are you shouting hate towards a certain group of people?

This is not the first, nor will it be the last Christian tradition to come under fire from those who want things to change, and while you may agree or disagree strongly with that change, our actions will define how the world sees people of faith.

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