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4 Things To Do in 2022 That Are More Effective Than a “Resolution”

December 27, 2021

We’re finally in that awkward in-between of Christmas and New Years that causes some incredible self-reflection. Some of us are enjoying a break, others are still working in half-empty offices because co-workers used their time off, but regardless, when things are different, even in small ways, we tend to re-asses how things are done in big and small ways.

For most people, this ends with them finding a resolution they hope to keep up with in the new year. It could be weight loss, reading the Bible more, journaling, traveling, or anything in between.

The reason resolutions fail is because we give ourselves lofty goals instead of changing behaviors. We keep up with them for weeks (or sometimes even just days) before we realize we set the goal post too high.

Instead of picking a resolution, here are a few things you can do to improve your life in 2022:

  1. Find a Mentor

I’m continuously surprised at the amount of people, regardless of age, who have deprived themselves of healthy growth through a stable, trusting mentor relationship. In asking people, the response I usually get is “Well, I used to have that, but not to much anymore”

Take a moment to think of someone who you admire. Could be for their faith, could be for their strong marriage, could be for their career accomplishments. Whatever the reason, we can always learn and grow, and having a relationship with someone who has been through life longer than us is a great way to start.

When I think back on my years in high school and as a young adult, there are so many things I wish I could go back and tell myself, now that I’ve been through life and had more experience. Then, I think about myself in the future, and what I would want to come back to this point in time and tell myself.

You can find that person. I know it feels weird to start a friendship like this, but if someone reached out to you and said that they’d love to learn from your perspective, you’d be glad to get together with them, wouldn’t you?

2. Focus on Improving Friendships in Small Ways

Admittedly, I’m bad at friendships. I always overthink whether I’m being annoying when I reach out, assuming they’ll probably say that they’re busy, and I’ll overthink and assume they don’t enjoy my company anymore.

Notice the key word in all that? “Assuming” Our minds tend to jump to worst case scenario sometimes in an attempt to prevent us from being hurt, and that’s ok in some instances.

However, never taking a risk, or never being that person to reach out can get us stuck in a place of loneliness. Instead of assuming that they are annoyed by you, what if they’re feeling the same way? They want to hang out with you, but are waiting on YOU to make the first move?

Be bold. It’s very likely they’d love to reconnect or spend time together. Send that text.

3. Actually Start That Idea You’ve Always Had

Do you know how often people message me on @christianswhocursesometimes and tell me about their ideas?

“I enjoy making these crafts but nobody would ever buy them”

“I have this great idea for a meme page, how do I make it successful?”

“I have this new ministry idea, but it probably wouldn’t work”

Stop talking about it and just start it. There is nothing wrong with learning as you go. When I created Christians Who Curse Sometimes, it was in a day of boredom and I had no idea and no plan for it to ever become anything.

Putting yourself out there and trying something new is scary, and theres nothing wrong with failing either. If it doesn’t work out, you’ve learned how to make your next idea more successful. You’re one step closer to success ahead of all of the people who were too scared to try.

4. Read Your Bible

Is this cliche? Maybe.

Are you going to be overambitious and commit to reading every single day at a certain time, with no plan on how to keep it up when it actually becomes difficult or busy? Sometimes it’s better and easier to help build a habit instead of forcing a routine you may not be able to keep.

Put your Bible somewhere you’ll see it (For me, it’s near my phone charger on my nightstand)

Think ahead and bookmark encouraging passages or books on topics you struggle with (You’ll thank yourself later)

Give yourself the opportunity to succeed, and you’ll be more likely to reach for it if you’re reminded that it’s there.

To be clear, there is nothing wrong with setting resolutions or goals, but all too often it’s something lofty, unattainable and sudden.

Make small changes, and give yourself opportunities to succeed, instead of setting goals you may deep down know you’ll fail

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