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“Why Did God Even Create Me?”

February 3, 2022

A recent post in a Christianity-themed subreddit had a user ask a heartbreaking question, but it’s a question I’ve seen many Christians struggle with deeply: “Why Did God Create Me?”:

(Content Warning: Mention of depression and suicide)

Yeah the questions says it all, why would He even create me, when he already knows that my life is going to be miserable? Does he enjoy seeing me suffering?

Ive been born into a unstable family, I suck at school, I have no friends, I have suffered to long from bad breath, that everyone is running away from me. Im in my late 20s and I have never really experienced anything. I got bullied. While everyone is having a plan for their future, Im left behind and and in a total mess. And dont feel no happiness no nothing. I hate my course Im studying..and I dont know what to do after I graduate or drop out. Life makes no sense. If God wants happiness for the world, then why wont He do so??? Instead He watches how the people he created are falling into the depression and trying to commit suicide when life gets tough.

Everyone is like: Yeah keep praying, patience is the key…yeah indeed. I did so. But nope, it getting worse and worse. I hate this fucking life.

Reading this absolutely broke my heart. It pains me to know that Christians are feeling like this and searching so deeply for hope, and finding nothing but judgement from the other Christians in their life.

What do we do when this lonely, painful question creeps in and finds a home in our minds? How do we react when someone asks us this question and we don’t know how to answer it.

Here are some tips for how to find hope, and how to give hope when this feeling creeps in:

Pray, But Also Pray In New Ways

God created us for community. God created us to walk together during our hard times and celebrate together during our good times. Anyone who simply says “just pray about it”, while it may be well-meaning, it sharing a dismissive perspective towards the community God seeks from us.

Yes, pray. Pray together. Sit down with that person and ask what things they are seeking and what you can pray for together. The power of two people praying together is two-fold: It shows how we’re seeking a closer relationship to God WHILE building strong community while praying together.

Seek Professional Help

To this day, I am SHOCKED at how many Christians are dismissive towards the idea of therapy. For nearly my whole life, I was once of those people. When I was struggling deeply, I told someone I loved that I didn’t need therapy, I just needed to talk to a pastor.

These words changed by perspective: “Not all pastors are trained in mental health, so you can choose to roll the dice and hope that a pastor is well trained, or go to a therapist who GOD GIFTED with the ability to help others through mental health struggles”

To be clear, there is nothing wrong with opening up about mental health struggles with a pastor, but they are there for spiritual guidance, and therapists are there for mental health. Find a Christian therapist if you need, and allow yourself the mental freedom you deserve.

Make Small Improvements Over Time

So many times we get bogged down and can create a long list of the stressors in our lives, and when we pile them all together, it turns into an insurmountable mountain.

Try this: Pick one thing. One small thing and focus on making that thing better in your life. It could be your job, a friendship, an insecurity, anything. Once you focus and make something a little better, it makes that insurmountable mountain a little smaller.

Overwhelm is something that more and more Christians are struggling with, and if we ignore things, or try and hope they’ll go away, that mountain can slowly grow.

Put God First

I know this phrase might be triggering and many of you are ready to tell me that this is a dismissive, toxic message, but please hear me out.

Take a deep breath and seek out God, by seeking out the things that are encouraged in Scripture: Becoming more Christ-like towards others, reading scripture, finding community, and growing spiritually. Being open about these feelings of “Why Did God Create Me?” gives people the blessing of being able to come alongside you and help you in your journey.

God did NOT intend for us to do life alone. He blesses us with others to help us grow, and this means for when others come to us as well:

Do nothing from selfish ambition or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves. Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others.

Phillipians 2:3-4

When someone comes to you with a hard question, even if it’s one you can’t answer, come alongside them and help them. Offer to go to a pastor or mentor with them to support them in their questions.

God calls us to unselfishly help those who are hurting, and that includes moments of spiritual crisis.

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