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Where In Church You Can Find Each Enneagram Type

February 2, 2022

Want to find other people with personalities just like yours, but have no idea where you look within your church? Well, we’ve got the most likely place to find each personality type if you’re looking to make new connections

The enneagram is a great fun way to help understand yourself as well as the motivations and personalities of those we love. If you haven’t taken the assessment yet, this is a great place to see which of the 9 personality types you fall under.

Type 1:

You can most likely find some Type 1s at your church leading their weekly women/men’s Bible study. They will be sure to coordinate refreshments, make sure everyone has their notebook, pen & Bible and a nametag, of course. You should also go ahead and arrive 15 minutes early, because you’ll be starting class on the dot. 

Type 2:

You can most likely find some Type 2s at your church at the Welcome Desk and in the New Members class. They will be enthusiastic to not only make new friends but to hand you a new member coffee cup with some extra goodies. 

Type 3:

You can most likely find some Type 3s at your church teaching the latest Dave Ramsey course. They will be thrilled to implement their vast knowledge on finances and success in conjunction with Dave Ramsey’s.

Type 4:

You can most likely find some Type 4s at your church in the grief class. Whether they lost someone they love or just their zest for life, 4s will thrive empathizing with all the melancholic feelings of their church peers. 

Type 5:

You can most likely find some Type 5s at your church in Apologetics class. All the “feelings” and “emotions” that come with church membership need to be discussed as tangible data for this analytical type. They’ll also be hopeful to meet some fellow intellectuals they can banter with. 

Type 6:

You can most likely find some Type 6s at your church serving in the Children’s Ministry. They will be able to keep all the kids safe while also not having to leave their own child with a “stranger”. The best of both worlds for this loyal and security-focused type.

Type 7:

You can most likely find some Type 7s at your church serving in Youth Group. They are normally big kids themselves, so if you see a 35 year-old running around in the new trendy Nikes you just saw an advertisement for, playing air hockey with the 16 year-olds….you have met a 7. 

Type 8:

You can most likely find some Type 8s at your church organizing and leading the Community Outreach programs for the underprivileged. They will coordinate the events and tell everyone exactly what they need to do. They are in underdog-fighting mode, so tread lightly if you want to dispute any of their demands. 

Type 9:

You can most likely find some Type 9s at your church in Prayer class. They will enjoy the peace and quiet and can pray for all the confrontational situations they witnessed over the past week. They can also look like they’re praying and get a nap in, if necessary.

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