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“Top 5 Christianity Misconceptions” Causes Online Uproar

April 25, 2022

A reddit user with the name “wentzitcame” is causing an uproar on the Christianity subreddit after publishing his “Top 5 Christianity Misconceptions List”

For those who don’t use Reddit, here is his post in it’s entirety:

Feel free to disagree with anything on this list and add anything else that should be here! Also I should clarify that I am pretty secular at this point, so I am looking at everything here completely objectively from my knowledge of Christianity.

1. People Become Angels When They Die – This is a false belief and I am not sure where it came from. Maybe cartoons? Angels are sort of like a separate species created by God to serve him unconditionally, they are not former humans.

2. Sex is wrong and thinking about it or enjoying it is dirty/sinful – This may depend on specific denominations but most Christian denominations do not believe sex itself is wrong. They may have rules or teachings on proper contexts in which to have sex, but sex itself is not a bad thing

3. Christian = Republican – Political opinions and religion have nothing to do with each other. Yes, at least in the United States (and perhaps in most of the world) most Christian people seem to side with the more conservative parties, but opinions about how government should run or how social issues should be prioritized are personal opinions. Every one has their own interpretation of scripture and how they think it should be applied in terms of policy.

4. Christianity is Anti-Science – I obviously cannot speak to all denominations, but overall this is not true for most denominations. Science is nothing more than hypothesizing how the laws of nature work based upon methodically collected data. Perhaps there are some scientific theories that some denominations will be at odds with (such as evolution) but there is nothing about science overall as a field or Christianity as a belief that makes them incompatible. In older times many scientists, in fact, were Christian monks (ie Mendel) and today there are also many devout Christians who are scientists.

5. All Christians believe the same things – The term Christianity is very broad. It includes Catholic denominations, Orthodox denominations, Protestant denominations, and groups that do not associate with any denomination. Yes, there is bickering amongst denominations (“you’re not Christian you’re Catholic!”) and everyone has their own opinion on what you need to believe to be considered a Christian, but strictly speaking Christianity is a very broad term that applies to anyone who believes in the Bible and that Jesus is God.

Reactions to his post were FAST, with many refuting his statements, and others in full support.

One user was quick to say they “broadly agree”, except in one instance:

If you’re talking about Christians in America, I’m sad to say I do think at least half of them are anti-science. Some of them even dress it up and claim they are not. But, the “science” they claim to be following is quite often creationist pseudoscience, not anything that is taken seriously by actual educated people.


However, others were in full support, giving more descriptions of how or why it’s a misconception:

Number 1 is a big one. I’d expand it to say that it’s a misconception to say that Christians “go to Heaven” when they die. That ain’t it. We aren’t yoinked away from creation just to sort of incorporeally float about in the aether. The Scriptures tell a very different story, that the Heavens AND Earth will be made new.


The post is still up and the conversation is ongoing. Do you agree with this list?

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