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The Official, Definitive Ranking of Christmas Cookies

December 22, 2021

The age old question: “What is the best Christmas cookie?”

A debate that has torn cultural cuisine enthusiasts into vicious savages. Overall these years, Christmas cookies have become perfected as countless generations have begun to master these sweet sensations. But today we are here for one thing, and one thing only. We are here to settle the debate once and for all:

What is the best Christmas Cookie of all time?

10. Chocolate Chip Cookies

Ok, this may be a staple, especially in American Culture, and some recipes may be able to make these cookies to perfection, but these cookies are very basic at Christmas time. Out of any cookie you could have made, you decide to make the cookie that everyone could make in any season. NO, this is not a Christmas cookie. This is a basic cookie but I will be giving bonus points to the chocolate cookies that have Christmas themes such as red and green M&M’s.

9. Double Chocolate Chunk

To all the chocolate lovers out there this is your cookie. Having a chocolate batter that is sweet and gooey than mixed in with some chocolate chunks is the icing on the cake. To add the next level some experts put a powdered sugar sprinkle on them to get the frosted look. Although these are great, they don’t provide the wow factor on festiveness that other cookies do. 

8. Spritz Cookie:

This is a cookie more fitting of the holidays. There are many molds that you can use to give them that Christmas aesthetic on the we all know and love on the breading but the thing is, they are not as decorative. These cookies do not have the same cheer as the others. They are great cookies to make in a short amount of time but they are not over the top in taste or presentation.

7. Sugar Cookies

Although you can decorate these cookies very well, and are fun for the whole family, sugar cookies also go in the basic category. Sugar cookies are made all throughout the year and therefore these cookies are not differentiated enough to rank high on the list. This is ranking Christmas cookies, not year round cookies.

6. Hershey Kiss Peanut Butter Cookies

Do you have an absolute knack for a gooey peanut butter cookie? That thick and creamy peanut butter can create some of the most amazing cookies and then balance the saltiness of the peanut butter cookie with a sweet Hershey’s kiss in the center, now were talking. This combination is as the reindeer are to Santa, an inseparable pair. Not only do these have great flavor, they also have very minimal prep time and are certain to delight anyone.

5. Buttery Pecan Snowball Cookies

Anyone from the southern United states will know these cookies. What makes them a Christmas delight is their aesthetic. These cookies look exactly like a snowball. They have a sweet taste with a creamy texture and even melt in your mouth if done correctly. The only negative is that pecan cookies are popular throughout the year, but besides that, these cookies scream Christmas Cheer.

4. Peppermint Cookies:

Any cookie with a peppermint automatically goes us in the best Christmas cookie list. One of the classic Christmas staples is the peppermint candy cane. There is something so distinct about the peppermint that sets it apart from a regular mint. The peppermint is what it is all about creating a strong flavor that will get nearly anyone into the Christmas spirit. 

3. Scottish Shortbread Cookies

Do you want a Christmas cookie that is rooted in tradition? Want a Christmas cookie that goes back in time? Want a Christmas Cookie that is made with better ingredients? (Not sorry North America) The Scottish Shortbread Cookie is for you! These cookies are a tradition in Scotland and have stayed alive throughout the years; and yes the ingredients are much better especially if you get them straight from Europe. Europe has much better food and even bans much of the sprays and pesticides seen in North America. The fact that the ingredients are so fresh, it makes all the difference. 

2. Norwegian Krumkake Cookies

These are some of the most difficult to make, you need a special type of iron called a krumkake iron in order to make these but once again with fresh ingredients, a cultural symbol, and an absolutely stunning aesthetic that looks so delicate you feel bad digging into them, these cookies are some of the least tried internationally but some of the best ones around the world.

  1. Gingerbread Cookies:

These cookies scream Christmas. The flavor is something that is only associated with Christmas but what makes Ginger Bread Cookies so amazing is the sheer decoration factor. Whether your 3 years old, drunk cookie decorating with college friends, or a family get together these cookies are an interactive experience for everyone. You can make the designs as basic or extravagant, you can keep them wholesome or decorate some adult humor into these. A gingerbread cookie is the ultimate Christmas experience and anyone who disagrees can say bah humbug and be done with Christmas.

We at Christians Who Curse Sometimes wish you the best of luck as make, look for, and bring all your cookie indulging dreams to fruition. We hope that the lead up to Christmas is not too hectic, and we want to wish you a very Merry Christmas. We hope that you are able to get some much needed rest and rejuvenation. Happy holidays everyone.

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