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Former Atheists Reveal The Truth About What Made Them Choose Christianity

October 20, 2021

A recent Reddit thread on the Christianity forum asked a unique question, and got some incredible responses that may just change your own faith:

Hi I have recently been on a journey in the last few years. I went from a proud atheist for 30 odd years to agnostic and now I believe I am a Christian. I have recently started to go to church, read the Bible and search for things online such as the resurrection.

Long story short….too late….. I’m wondering specifically if anyone has gone from atheism to religion and if so, what made you change your mind?

These answers made me realize the incredible power of Christ, and how we need to constantly be learning to grow in our faith. I present these statements as they are, stories of atheists who came to faith. While you may agree or disagree with some of these statements, it’s important for us to see what makes changes in peoples lives:

What made me change my mind, after about 25 years from age 15 or so to about age 40, and begin to believe, was very specific: reading the words of Jesus to hear what he taught, and then trying out, doing, some of the things he taught, to see how they would work, finding out one instruction after another (over years of trying them out) worked really well, and then trying more, and reading more of what He said.

I did not try to learn anything advanced at first, but only sought initially to learn rules for living life here and now that Jesus taught. When those worked amazingly better than I thought possible, I tried more things, and then later, after those also worked amazingly well, then even more things that He taught, including finally the way He said to seek God, but that was after testing many things, for about 10 or 12 years, first. I’d suggest to many skeptics that they start with more basic things. Actually doing those things.

So, listening to His words, in the 4 gospels, Matthew through John.

We learn that is also a way to come to faith in Romans 10:17.

“I haven’t chosen to believe anything. God gives faith and you can surrender to Him or resist.

Covid brought me to a point where He wanted me to be. Where you disciplined as a child by your caregiver? I’ve also had a massive heart attack at a young age that nearly killed me, and I’m a lifelong sufferer of ocd.

Things I learned from having the heart attack helped with Covid, and if it weren’t for ocd I may not have had such a drive to find Truth or to empathize with others. The bad things in our lives can work for good.”

“I came to Christianity from a very academic point of view, and while I was in it I found I liked the lifestyle a lot. I also had always believed that “everyone worships something”, and I didn’t want to worship money or youth or sex or the other stuff that our consumerist culture tells us is important. I recognized that whether or not the Bible is true, the practice of this religion is good for me. And as Jesus said, you shall know a tree by its fruit.”

For me it was realizing that the idea we’re the result of an endless stream of unimaginably unlikely freak accidents is far less plausible than some external force acting upon the mechanisms of the natural world. A bigger leap of blind faith you could say 🙂

From there it was a case of thinking well, if there is a creator God, wouldn’t we expect Him to make His presence and His intentions known in some way? Then I examined the evidence for Christ and was convinced.

I was an Atheist and my biggest breakthrough was .. you are already a faithful, religious person.. your religion is Atheism.

Assertion: Atheist people are religious.

Atheist say that religious people believe in God without evidence. However, there are 2 important principles in logic (which science adheres to):

  1. Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence (see Proving a negative)
  2. Asserting things without proof is invalid.

With the above said, we know that: A) The existence of God cannot be proved nor disproved (thus far) B) Atheist deny God (this is their core principle) C) Faith equates to asserting things without evidence

Given the above, based on the union of (A) && (B) && (C), we can conclude the following statement: Atheist deny God (B), despite being able to disprove it (A), therefore they simply have Faith (C) that God does not exist.

Having Faith that God does not exist == Having faith that God exists.

Conclusion: Atheist people are religious, they are the same as Christians, Muslims and Jews”

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