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Christian Couples Reveal The Most Romantic Ways They Met

February 14, 2022

Christian Dating sucks. Sometimes it can feel impossible to ever meet someone, let alone in a romantic way like the movies.

I asked the followers of @christianswhocursesometimes on Instagram to send me the most Hallmark-movie ways they met, and here are some of the best:

The Name of Names:

Bumble! But the kick is that I didnt know at the time that his last name is the same as my first name. I had connected with him on Hinge a year prior and ghosted him because I didn’t want to risk my name being a repeat of itself (I have a unique name too)

Alas, we connected on Bumble, I didnt realize he was the same person, he realized we had mutual friends and I agreed to a date before I put it together. So, beware of Bumble…but also my boyfriend is amazing, so don’t turn people down for stupid reasons.

The Covid Connection:

My sister booked a ticket to fly home from South Africa to Europe and made sure she had the whole row for herself when checking in online. Then met a guy who did the same thing, but ended up sitting next to each other.

Steward said they could switch seats when the plane was in the air but they never did. Talked for hours. He was not just really cute, but also loved God, and also both lived in Europe as well as living in South Africa (even in the same region) What are the odds right?

But they were shy, just said goodbye and parted ways. BUT THEN a couple days later she found out she had Covid so she had to contact anyone she’s been near to. She tracked him down on social media, and the rest is history.

The Hotel Meet-up:

I was working at a historic hotel in Downtown Dallas with an escalator leading up to the registration lobby tothe social lobby. My future husband went to the hotel’s coffee shop one day and went to explore the rest of the hotel. He noticed me standing at the front desk while he was riding up the escalator. Gets home and realized he left his jacket in the coffee shop. The next day he comes back to get his jacket and we notice each other. He seemed familiar and I thought he was cute.

The NEXT night I walk into church and there he is. We had been going to the same church or a year and hadnt met. That night, we meet at church, noting that we had seen each other the day before at the hotel, and he says he’s “looking for a second job” and he was hired as a bellman, while I was at the front desk. We also realized we both had tickets to the same Switchfoot concert and ended up going together

The Bridesmaid and the Groomsman:

I was a bridesmaid at a wedding and he was a groomsman. I had just been dumped, ending a two year relationship with a guy who a Hallmark movie would had a field day portraying. Oh, and the wedding was on my birthday. So here I find myself at this wedding alone and sad on my birthday. Well, the bride and groom basically forced us together, I was NOT having it.

He was so nice, and I….wasn’t ready to be anything other than grumpy. A few hours into the reception, we wound up ordering the same drink at the same bar at the same time. It was busy, and I didn’t notice him come up. We clicked and it was quintissential meet-cute kind of stuff. I found myself in his city for work a few weeks later and the rest is history

The City Girl and The Country Boy:

Most of those Hallmark movies are a city girl going to the country but ours was the opposite. He comes from a farming family in a very small town, and I’m born and raised in Brooklyn. My husband was visiting NYC with his family while he was in college and I was working an office internship that took up my whole life at the time. I was on the subway with him and he asked me about the book I was reading. I thought it was annoying since people just leave each other alone on the subway.

We didn’t talk much, just for a few minutes about the book when his dad told him to give me his number. I thought it was hilarious how they were giving him a hard time so I took it and texted him. He moved to the city a year later and married me two years after that

If you have a story of how you met, send it to christianswhocursesometimes@gmail.com

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