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5 Incredible TikTok Accounts Every Christian Should Follow

September 30, 2021

TikTok has grown into a platform where Christians are creating content that is helping other believers laugh, challenge them in their faith, and so much more.

In a sea of content, these are 5 creators standing out, who are consistently creating great content that can help you grow in your faith.

1. @itsisaacdavid

“Daily Disciple” Isaac David creates videos packed with Biblical truth, and bringing hope to this in real and practical ways. Isaac doesn’t shy away from controversial topics, including mental health, LGBTQ+ issues, and more, providing mature insight and guidance for those who may be looking to dig deeper.

He regularly responds to other creators who are spreading messages that may be dangerous, unbiblical, or just asking questions that he can answer in a way that is open, loving, and biblical.

Isaac has a gift for being able to speak truth in love, and I wish every Christian could see what he is doing.

2. @ariel.fitz

Ariel Fitz has an absolute gift in comedy for what life is really like being a Christian, but also featuring Bible stories, and more. To be able to bridge that line between biblical truth and comedy is a difficult one, and she’s done it perfectly, gaining over 1.8 million followers.

Not only is her content funny, but she is CONSISTENT. She regularly releases videos grabbing hundreds of thousands of views, proving she’s more than just a one-hit wonder.


Someone take my phone plz đź’€ inspo @Chase Livingston #christiantiktok #godpov #fitnesstiktok

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3. @beardedisciple

Noah Myers is embracing biblical truth head on, not afraid to share his viewpoints on a daily basis. He regularly answers questions from followers, duets other creators, and does so unapologetically.

Myers admits when he saw a lot of his friends walking away from the faith, he got a passion for helping others understand truth, which led him to starting this page, and encouraging others to dig deeper

4. @leemsnow

Lee Snow is a pastor from Georgia who loves calling out Christians in loving ways, including “church Karens”, mega churches, gun-obsessed southerners, and everyone in between. Lee’s page is hysterical for any pastor who’s every been frustrated with their church, or anyone looking to appreciate their pastor in a new way.

Lee has gained over 1.4 million followers, and consistently releases incredible content.

5. @shaelovve

Talk about PERFECTING the inner frustrations of so many Christians, while teaching everyone Bible facts. Shae has impeccable comedic timing, incredible writing and fresh ideas.

Shae is best known for her “Urban Bible Translation” videos, and most likely her extremely viral video of her on the phone “callin Jesus to tell him I’m ready to go cuz dis tew much”

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