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5 Ways Christians Can Love Those With Different Political Views

October 1, 2021

Not all Christians are Republicans. Not all Christians are Democrats. Those two sentences right there might already have you ready to argue, or ready to defend your viewpoint biblically, but whether you want to argue or not, it’s the truth.

There are many self-identifying Christians our there who consider themselves all over the political spectrum, and even though we may deeply disagree or find their stances unbiblical, we are called to love all, not just those we agree with.

Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.

1 Peter 4:8

The Pour Over is an unbiased news source and newsletter that works to bridge the divide that is happening between Christians by providing unbiased news, and adding a beautiful biblical perspective to provide hope instead of fear. Their creator, Jason Woodruff, has incredible insight on how to love others as the creator and founder of this brand:

Your news source has an outsized impact on your worldview but almost all Christians learn about events through the lens of a political ideology. As Christians, we should not care what a Republican or Democrat should feel about something, we should care about aligning our hearts with Christ. 

Jason Woodruff (Founder, The Pour Over)

Here are some reminders to help you love those who may drive you insane with their politics:

1. You Likely Have More in Common Than You Think

Passion is an interesting thing. According to a YouGov/Economist poll, 45% of people wouldn’t even consider dating someone of a different political party. Whether you fall into that 45% or not, it shows that many people are just not even willing to get to know someone or consider a relationship without getting to know who they are or why they believe what they believe.

The study also reflects how much we don’t want people to judge us for our political beliefs, with Gen-Z being a generation that expressed that they mostly feel uncomfortable with telling a potential partner their political beliefs.

2. You Likely Have a Bias Yourself

Whether it’s a big one or a small one, its important to at least understand what your bias could be to help relate to others. One of the easiest ways to see your bias is to look to the sources where you get your information, even down to social media pages.

With the rise of the TikTok algorithm, people are starting to get content that is fine-tuned to what they are most-likely willing to interact with and agree with. If you’re swiping through TikTok, Instagram Reels, or Facebook, and realize the content you’re seeing is leaning a particular way, take note of it.

Nothing means more in a conversation than self-reflection, by saying something like “I know I may be a little biased, but I recently read that…”, you show that you’re willing to open yourself up to other opinions.

3. Be Curious

Even if you believe their perspective is 100% unbiblical. Even if you believe their perspective will damage the world forever. Chances are, when you take the time to be curious, ask them questions and learn about their perspective, there is a reason behind why they believe what they believe.

This could be anything from real science and data, to biblical perspective, to emotional responses to trauma, and anything in between. The more curious you are to find out why someone believes what they believe, the more likely you are to grow as well.

4. Listen Before You Speak

This is so much easier to say, and harder to put into practice. During any sort of political discussion, usually we hear the other person make a point that we disagree with, or have data against, and immediately start formulating our next thought before even letting them finish theirs. By doing this, we aren’t able to fully listen and hear the point they are trying to make, and then we respond without fully understanding and this makes them feel unheard, and the cycle continues.

Likewise, if you feel as if you are not being listened to, its still healthy to make sure you are taking time to listen, even if you feel as thought you are being interrupted to take control of the emotional level of the conversation. Two people talking over each other runs the risk of losing control. Take responsibility for your side of the discussion, and it could have a big impact.

Listen to their side and ask questions to understand it better. Not only will it benefit you to know what and why they believe that, but there’s social pressure to reciprocate these type of questions and interest. When they ask your thoughts, they’ll be much more open to hearing it if you’ve taken interest in theirs.

Jason Woodruff (Founder, The Pour Over)

5. Remind Yourself: There Are Bigger Things Than Politics

Yes, politics are important and can affect your day-to-day life, but if we focus on them and let them control who we associate with and who we love, we may be turning politics into an idol. It’s important, Christian or non-Christian to not let things that have no eternal consequence determine our lives. Politics shift and change, there will be times when your “side” is in control, there will be times when it seems like the world is doomed, but God is constant and God is eternal.

We are in a time where many Christians are fighting harder for their opinions than serving the needs of others. It’s not a good look. The gospel never works when utilized in a self-serving manner

Sam Grosso (Pastor, Artisan Church)

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