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Women Are Sharing The Most Awful MLM Pitches They’ve Ever Gotten

April 19, 2022

MLMs are a phenomenon that I have seen more in Christian woman that in any other religious group, and while I realize there are many men and women in Multi-Level Marketing companies who handle things in professional ways, there are others who use horrendous tactics to find new customers.

Over on reddit, there is a group called “AntiMLM” where people share tips and tricks to help people identify horrific tactics and avoid losing money when manipulative companies prey on unsuspecting women.

Here are some of the worst I was able to find while reading through hundreds of stories:

The Cancer-Cure Pitch:

The Miscarriage Pitch:

The “I Could Have Saved Her” Pitch

The Person Who Used Her Friend’s Son Surviving a School Shooting Pitch:

The C-Section Pitch:

The “I Heard You Just Lost Your Dad” Pitch

The Wedding Card Pitch

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