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No, The Travis Scott Concert Tragedy Was Not a “Demon Ritual”

November 8, 2021

The tragedy at the Astroworld Festival in Texas that left 8 dead and hundreds injured has now entered a new phase, mainly being accelerated by conspiracy believing Christians: That the event was a blood sacrifice, and that Travis Scott himself may be a demon.

While Scott was performing, crowds surged the stage to be a part of the excitement, but in the overcrowding, concert-goers reported being so close together they were unable to breathe and were screaming out for help. Chants of “Stop the Show” even echoed from the audience as Travis Scott rapped from the main stage.

However, many Christians are now outspoken on Twitter that the event was purposeful, and may have been orchestrated by the rapper himself:

Here are some truths we need to face about this tragedy:

While many are quick to condemn Travis Scott and his actions as purposeful and hateful, what actually did happen at the event shows a different story. Much of the video footage shows Scott himself calling for help and asking the crowd to make room: “Everybody just back up. Security, somebody help real quick.Somebody jump in. Come on, come on!” the rapper was recorded saying.

To be clear, do I believe this could have had involvement in spiritual warfare? Absolutely. I also fully believe Travis Scotts lack of action is fully wrong, and that he has personally done things that embrace demons and evil. However, to refer to what happened as a “satanic sacrifice” to the families that are grieving can cause more harm than good when it comes to evangelism.

Sometimes when we want to believe something is true, we ignore moments that disprove it, or don’t even seek them.

When accidents happen, our brains fight in their grief to make sense of what is happening, and sometimes that includes stretching reality to help bring clarity to chaos. In many ways, its less emotionally painful to believe a conspiracy, that something like this was orchestrated, than to accept that it was a tragedy.

It’s easier to have an reason, albeit a far stretch, than to allow ourselves to believe that “things like this happen, and that hurts”.

What we need to remember is: the Bible calls us help those who are hurting

Whenever there is tragedy, in our grasping as to why something so painful happened, the Bible doesn’t ask us to “get over it”, nor does it ask us to spend our lives trying to understand a conspiracy that may be behind said event:

Rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep.

Romans 12:15

There is nothing more disrespectful to those who are deeply suffering a sudden and tragic loss than those who call themselves Jesus’ followers saying that the death of a loved one was somehow designed by satan or demons. When someone is grieving, they want to see people grieving alongside them, supporting them, and offering them hope and practical help.

It’s time to revisit the old cliche phrase you heard a million times growing up and put it into practice in your daily life: “What Would Jesus Do?” When Jesus himself was overcome with grief after the death of John, he sought solitude:

When Jesus heard what had happened, he withdrew by boat privately to a solitary place. Hearing of this, the crowds followed him on foot from the towns.

Matthew 14:13

To paraphrase, His followers and crowds followed Him, and when they did, He didn’t send them off, He fed them and used it as a moment to build community.

In moments of severe tragedy, grief, or pain, take those moments to bring out the best in others. Get together with your family and friends, share how you’re feeling, break bread together.

Find ways to love instead of finding ways to divide.

If you would like to support the families of the victims in this tragedy, Here is a link to a thread featuring the verified GoFundMe accounts for all those affected.

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