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An Open Letter to Christian Creatives

April 4, 2022

Dear Christian Creative,

I’m sorry to say this, but you need to be better, but I mean this in a good way, let me explain.

If you are a Christian who works in any sort of creative field, you are automatically going to be held to a different standard than non-Christians. You are going to be underestimated, and if you are not producing ideas or products that are above average, it can be seen as a failure.

When non-Christians think of any sort of creativity when it comes to Christianity, what do they have to point to as a genuine, extremely gifted, creative art? When it comes to movies, how many boldly Christian movies can you name that were unique, creative and successful? Same thing when it comes to music, television, fiction novels, and so many more art forms.

Christian media is average as best, not because the people creating it aren’t creative, but because there is no reason to take risks or push boundaries when the consumer will purchase and promote a mediocre product.

One time, following a church service, I overheard someone mention a lesser-known Christian movie that was on a limited theatrical release with mediocre reviews. When I overheard this person mention that they planned to see the movie, I reacted saying “Oh? Let me know how it is”. Their response was, “It doesn’t matter how good it is, it’s a Christian movie and we should support it”

Christian creatives should be creating art that is so powerful, so inspiring, and so passionate that we should WANT to run to support it, not just because we feel like we should.

Unfortunately, because that attitude exists, it trickles into the unbelieving world. Ask literally anyone who isn’t a Christian what they think of Christian art. Chances are, they’ll use terms like boring, cheesy, low budget, etc.

So, Christian creative, whether you are creating in the Christian realm or not, be reminded that the world will underestimate you. The world will assume you are not as creative by association. The world will see any sort of failure (which is nearly guaranteed for creatives) as expected and unsurprising.

Don’t forget that your creativity is a GIFT from God, and utilizing your God-given creative mind to it’s full potential is honoring God Himself.

I urge you, strongly: Take risks. Take big risks. Go big with your creativity. Be unapologetic. When you have a creative success, don’t be afraid to keep moving and start working on your next project. When you have a failure, examine it and use that so you can improve moving forward.


A Fellow Christian Creative

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