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Top 5 Veggie Tales Bangers That Aren’t Silly Songs

January 10, 2022

We’ve all got those songs from Veggie Tales that take us right back to a time where we were protected from traditional media, and flooded with safe, happy, Christian content.

Luckily for us, Veggie Tales was actually awesome, and the songs in that show were absolute jams no matter who you ask.

For the purposes of this list, we will not be including any “Silly Songs with Larry”. Yes, those are awesome, but we’re talking about the jams from the actual episodes that helped move a story along.

5. Stand Up

Rack Shack and Benny had some total jams, but the wrap-up song led by Junior has so much potential to be a banger. Turn this on in your car, get your background singers ready to echo with you to the chorus, and hit those high notes with pride.

4. Keep Walking

Let’s be honest, the “Josh and the Big Wall” episode brought us so many classics, (Including the Silly Song “Song of the Cebu”) but how many times have you been stuck behind a slow walker on a crowded sidewalk or something and just start humming this tune to yourself.

A major earworm, and now that I’ve reminded you of it’s existence, good luck getting it out of your head

3. Oh No! What We Gonna Do?

Do you have a few friends? Do you think you can get through this song together with no mistakes? Do you know someone who can perfectly perform the last near-rap section?

Once all of those line up and you can sing along perfectly, you’ll get a blast of satisfaction that will be hard to match.

2. God of Second Chances

Alright, I know this is from out of left field being from one of the lesser-known newer Veggie Tales episodes, but if you haven’t heard this one, stop what you’re doing and press play right now.

Veggie Tales made the wild decision to include a GOSPEL CHOIR in this episode, and it took alot of thought to not put it at the #1 spot, but that spot is an absolute lock…

  1. Promised Land

Remember earlier when I mentioned that “Josh and the Big Wall” brought us some of the best Veggie-Jams of all time?

If this isn’t number one on your list of Veggie Tales songs, I will 100% doubt your music taste. This song is perfect from start to finish. The energy, the fun, the speed, everything about this song is perfection, so just close your eyes, hit play, and treat yourself to Veggie Tales at its finest.

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