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These Are The Heroes of the Waukesha Parade Tragedy

November 24, 2021

In the wake of tragedy, it is hard to recognize positive moments. It’s important to mourn for the lives lost, and take time in prayer for the families of those who are facing immeasurable loss, especially right before a holiday like Thanksgiving.

In these moments, I’m always reminded of the quote from Fred Rogers:

When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news,” my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping. ‘

These are the heroes and helpers of the Waukesha Parade Tragedy:

Jen Zenisek

Zenisek is a U.S. Army veteran who is working as a chef at Chef Pam’s Kitchen, which happens to be along the parade route when an SUV drove through the crowd.

With her CPR training from the Army, she jumped into action

“I just made sure that the bodies that I could get to had a pulse and were breathing,” said Zenisek, “I moved to the next one, and by the time I got to the seventh, they were all kids.”

After helping those in the street, Zenisek told everyone to take cover in Pam’s Kitchen until things could get back under control.

Norman Bruce

Bruce owns a popular book store along the parade route. When the Waukesha South High School marching band was hit, he welcomed everyone into his store for safety, and took care of two injured band members, one of whom was bleeding from his head.


Crystal lives above the Nice Ash Cigar bar along the parade route. When the tragedy struck, she ran downstairs, and helped children be reunited with their parents, who became separated in the chaos.

I was watching the parade out my window, I came downstairs and walked into the bar and just started bringing people into the bar and having people shelter inside to find their kids, find their family.

Waukesha School District

After recognizing that every child in their schools were affected by this tragedy, they made the decision to cancel school on Monday, but leave the doors open for children who were still seeking connection, and looking to process what happened, whether that be by talking, or just spending time with each other.

Becky Anderson

Becky is a middle school teacher in the area where many children were harmed, or were close to the situation. Anderson said she used the day on Monday to play hide and seek with students, color, or play games with them to help them cope with the situation.

Whether your gifts are providing CPR, providing hospitality, or simple showing love and kindness by playing with children who may be hurt or confused, you have an opportunity to be a hero too.

Use the gifts God gave you to build others up.

These stories were found thanks to the incredible work of The Pour Over

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