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The South African Pastor Who Farts on His Congregants, and What We Can Learn From Him

January 28, 2022

A South African pastor is gaining a lot of attention on social media for photos claiming that God has blessed his farts with healing powers, that when he farts on members of his congregation, they find themselves healed.

Pastor Christ Penelope of Sevenfold Holy Spirit Ministries denies these claims, saying that the air coming out is not a fart, but “healing”. Congregants claim that the farts themselves don’t small bad, and that they are truly holy.

While locals are flooding the church to see all of this actually happen in person, many of the Christians involved in this church are leaving after not agreeing with this practice, and claiming that Pastor Penelope needs to stop his attention seeking behaviour.

According to News18:

Two sources from the church who wish to remain anonymous, revealed that while others dont mind his unusual ways, they are not happy with it. A 30-year-old man claimed that he came to the church for prayers, not to be sat on. He claims that what this pastor is doing is not right.

A 40-year-old woman said she stopped going to the church because of the pastors actions

Reports also state that other local pastors are coming forward condemning the actions of Pastor Penelope. Pastor Jacob Sibya told TheDailySun “This is wrong. Nowhere does God say sit on people and they will be healed. Pastors should practice what’s in the Bible, not what they think is in there.”

What Can We Learn from Him?

Pastors need accountability. When we see something that makes us uncomfortable, as Christians we need to hold other Christians accountable when they do things that are harmful to the message of Christ.

While this story is something we can laugh at, I find it encouraging that when a pastor is having antics like this that could cause actual harm to people, other pastors and Christians are standing up to condemn it. The members of his church are taking a stand, bringing forward their concerns, and when they are ignored, they’re leaving to find a healthier church.

When God places people into leadership positions, there needs to be a level of accountability, from within the church and at the leadership level. If you are in a healthy church environment, and the pastor is doing something that makes you uncomfortable, you should be able to discuss with them your concerns and have your concerns listened to and respected. If you are questioning your pastors antics and they do not allow you to challenge or answer your questions, take that as a HUGE red flag.

There are pastors right here in our cities sharing harmful messages that are flat out not Biblical. They are spreading hate instead of biblical truth. They are taking on a political agenda (both conservative and liberal) instead of Christ’s message.

Brothers, if anyone is caught in any transgression, you who are spiritual should restore him in a spirit of gentleness. Keep watch on yourself, lest you too be tempted. Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.

Galations 6:1-2

Come to them in gentleness. Share your concerns. If they refuse to listen, or refuse to interact, and they are doing things that are not Biblical, it may be best for you to leave and find an environment that has healthy, thriving Biblical teaching.

Pastors are humans just like you and I. I’ve never met a pastor who claims to be perfect, that means when they make a mistake, they should want to grow from that mistake, and be lovingly corrected like anyone else would who mistakenly causes harm.

There is a big difference between pastors making mistakes and pastors using their power to control others. The difference is found in their reaction to those holding them accountable.

The pastor who is farting on his congregants is choosing to ignore those around him, including members of his own church and pastors who want him to stop.

Stop tolerating pastors that fart. Find pastors that care.

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