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The Internet is Comparing AOC’s Met Gala Dress To a Chick-Fil-A Bag and I Can’t Stop Laughing

September 14, 2021

The annual Met Gala was held last night and celebrities piled onto the red carpet to show off their over-the-top looks. Every year the event has a theme for how the celebrities and attendees should dress, and this year the theme was “In America: A Lexicon of Fashion” with the dress code referred to as “American Independence”

When congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez showed up in an all-white dress with the words “Tax The Rich” written in a bright red over the back, the internet was quick to criticize, pointing out the irony of her wearing this dress at a $30,000 per ticket event.

However, the best criticisms came from those who realized that her dress resembled Chick-Fil-A, well known for their more conservative business practices:

Others even pointed out that the font she used is eerily similar to the font used in Chick-Fil-A’s marketing with cows painting on signs:

When asked about her dress, AOC responded that it is “about having a real conversation about fairness and equity in our system, and I think this conversation is particularly relevant as we debate the budget and reconciliation bill…we can’t just play along, but we need to break the fourth wall and challenge some of the institutions, and while the Met is known for its spectacle, we should have a conversation about it”

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