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The 2021 CWCS Awards: Honoring Christian Content That is *Actually* Good

June 2, 2021

All my life I’ve been so frustrated with Christian content being mediocre at best. I cant remember the last time I sat down and watched a strictly Christian movie or TV show and was so excited about how incredible it was that I just had to tell all of my friends about it. Usually, I have the same reaction most people have: “Meh, it was good. Not great, but it was OK”

Christian art doesn’t have to be that way.

That’s why we’ve decided to launch the CWCS Awards, where we will be honoring the Christian creatives that have created some of the best music, social media, movies, podcasts, and more.

The nominees and winners will be decided solely by YOU. Anyone is allowed to nominate anyone in any category, but once all the nominations have been submitted, voting for a winner will only be for the Top 5 in each category.

Nominations are open starting at noon on 6/2 and will be open until noon on 6/4. You may nominate in as many or as few categories as you like by following this link

The Categories Are:

Media Awards:

Best Christian Podcast

Best Christian Podcast Host

Best Christian Musician/Band

Best New Christian Song

Best Christian Television Show or Movie

Best Christian Radio Station

Creator Awards:

Best Christian Speaker/Pastor

Best Christian TikTokker

Best Christian YouTuber

Best Christian Instagrammer

Best Christian Comedian

Best Christian Artist (Painter, Animator, etc.)

Social Media Awards:

Best Christian Humor Account (Memes, Skits, Comedy, etc.)

Best Relationship Advice Account

Best Personal Growth Account (Mental Health, Financial, etc.)

Best Account to Deepen Your Faith

Writing Awards:

Best Devotional

Best Christian Book

Best Christian Author

Best Christian Publication (News, Parody Site, etc.)

Company Awards:

Best Christian Clothing Brand

Best Christian Small Business (Etsy, Stores, etc.)

Best Christian App (Devotional, Dating, etc.)

Best Christian College

2021 Christian Creator of the Year (YouTube, TikTok, IG, Pastor, Influencer, anything!)

The Top 5 nominees in each category will be announced on Tuesday, June 8th, when final voting will begin.

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