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The Craziest Biblical Halloween Costumes You’ve Never Seen Before

October 12, 2021

Halloween, Harvest Festival, whatever your church calls it, the tradition of dressing up on October 31st has long frustrated some Christians. Even as a kid myself, the rules were we could be anything we wanted, just nothing “scary or creepy”. However, I know many Christians who were ONLY allowed to dress up as Biblical characters.

While this may be a well intentioned way to bring faith into a holiday that is compared with evil, some of these may not be the best ideas. Here are some of the craziest you all sent in:

The Bear Family

“I was at a church harvest festival where a man showed up with a bald cap on and his wife and kids dressed up as a bear and bear cubs, representing the bears the kids that made fun of the bald man in 2 Kings.

He was having too much fun “sicking” his growling wife at us when we joked about his bald head”

The Risen Mummy

“not sure if this counts but when i was a kid a friend bought a while mummy costume and his mom was furious, so he compromised, carried a bible and wore a nametag that said “Lazarus””

The Too Literal Youth Leader

When I was a youth leader our youth pastor and his wife showed up as David and Michal. How did we know they were David and Michal? Our youth pastor carried a big bag with the words “100 foreskins” around over his shoulder the entire time.

The Belly Sword

My brother is a man who is…well…considered a man of a larger stature, and since he has a Biblical Studies minor he thought it would be funny to see who understood the joke, so he wore a crown, a robe and cut the tip off a toy sword and strapped it under the folds on his “chest fat” (as he would say)

If you still don’t understand I highly recommend you look up the story of Ehud and King Eglon, its definitely a good one.

Joel Ghost-teen

i love my husband but one halloween he put a sheet over his head and carried a collection plate around and would say “oOoOoOoOo give me all your money oOoOoOoO”.

He was “Joel Ghost-Teen”

The Smooth Move

I promise we’re Christians but one time we went to a local bar that held a Halloween contest that is usually won by women who wear nearly nothing. My buddy dressed up as a Book, like in a big cardboard box and wrote “Numbers” along the top. He added a slot on top that connected to a bag inside his cardboard costume and handed out index cards to any woman he thought was hot, telling them to “add to his book of Numbers”.

They’d write their name and number and throw it in, most of the numbers he got were fake but I think he got 5 or 6 real numbers. (TWIST: He’s still single)

Moses, with a Twist

Dressing up as Moses? Easy. Dressing up as Baby Moses on the reeds? My 2018 Harvest Party Costume. I cut a hole in a basket and put my head through, cut the head off my daughters old baby doll and taped it to my neck so my face had a babies body and then wore all green with fake grass attached.

So now you’re set for your next Halloween or Harvest Festival Party.

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