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Study: Only 9% of Christians Actually Hold A Biblical Worldview

October 6, 2021

176 million American adults currently identify as Christian, but just 9% of those actually hold a biblical worldview, a new study from Arizona Christian University shows.

The study looked at Americans who self-identify as Christians and asked them questions regarding their beliefs, and where they stand on many issues. One of the most surprising things found in this study? 50% of people who consider themselves Christians knowingly reject things they know to be in the Bible, and 26% admit that they do not intentionally try to stop sinning.

Now, you may wonder what this study considered to be a “Biblical worldview”, so here are some of the things that this study considered “unbiblical” that many Christians believe in:

69% accepted feelings, experience, and the input of friends and family as their most trusted
sources of moral guidance

65% say there is no absolute moral truth

62% contend that the Holy Spirit is not a real, living being but is merely a symbol of God’s power,
presence, or purity

6/10 Christians believe they are not going to heaven

“The grand faith narrative that characterizes self-described born-again Christians seems to be that God
is real and powerful, as well as broad-minded, forgiving, and tolerant. They believe in the reality of
sin but also contend that they can either earn their salvation or receive it through a relationship with
Christ. In their view, moral choices matter, but we are inevitably captives of karma.” the study reads

This study gives us a window into what our reputation may be as Christians. Many of these facts and figures I found disturbing and challenging, but learning how the world sees us can inevitably help us learn to be better and ultimately evangelize in a more effective way.

We can find hope in this research too. Most Christians hold strong and agree on the basic tenets of faith: That God has a reason for everything, that we all have a God-given calling, and that the universe was designed and is sustained by God.

Wherever you fall on the Christian spectrum, our goal as Christ followers should be to understand and follow Gods teachings in scripture. Take time today to read and understand who God is calling us to be and how to make the world a better place.

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