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Internet Christians Panic When Texas Announces “666 New Laws”

August 31, 2021

Internet Christians began to panic when they saw the number of new laws Texas announced will begin September 1st, claiming that the laws may be a sign of the end times.

According to an article by The Texas Tribune:

Six hundred and sixty-six new Texas laws will go into effect this Wednesday. Debated, passed and signed during the 87th Texas Legislature, these laws include changes to public safety, health care and K-12 education.

Not every bill signed into law during the regular session will go into effect Sept. 1. Some bills went into effect as soon as they were signed. For example, Senate Bill 968, which banned “vaccine passports” in Texas, became law when Gov. Greg Abbott signed it in June. Other bills, like one that revises eminent domain negotiations between landowners and companies, will become law on Jan. 1, 2022.

While many of the laws are controversial, many of the comments seem to show that many Christians see the number of laws as a sign of the end times:

One user even making graphics to show how strongly he feels about the new laws bearing the mark of the beast:

Many Christian commenters even went as far as lamenting over the fact that if this wasn’t the mark of the beast, they could have come up with ONE more law, or one less law to fix this.

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