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Christians Share The Most Awkward Christian Tattoos They’ve Ever Seen

April 14, 2022

There are so many inspiring Christian tattoos out there. Many get imprinted with a Bible verse that changed their lives, a symbol like a cross or a Jesus fish…

…but others end up with tattoos like this:

We asked our followers to share with us the most awkward Christian tattoos they’ve ever seen, and boy, have you guys seen some awkward tattoos:

A basketball with “In Jesus Name We Play” written around it

“Hi My Name is Barabas” in the style of those American name stickers (as in, Jesus died in our place too)

One of my old friends tried to get a tattoo of the “camel through the eye of a needle” but it ended up looking like a camel butt and then the head was shrunken going into a syringe. Its terrible

A Jesus fish with a Bible verse right above her vagina

A bunch of scribbles to remind them to have child-like faith

A huge cross made out of guns with ‘you can’t take this’ or something like that around it

My youth pastor has a toilet tattoo because that’s where he got saved as a kid

I once met a woman with a tattoo of Snoopy kneeling before the cross

Actual nail holes tattooed onto a guys wrist so he could always remember what Jesus went through

“Je” on one wrist and “Sus” on the other

Live Mas written in Hebrew because they love Taco Bell

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