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Catholic School Apologizes After Accidentally Selling Thongs For Mother’s Day

May 13, 2022

St. Anselm’s Catholic School is in some hot water after selling “roses” for Mother’s Day, unaware that the “roses” weren’t really flowers, they were thongs folded in the shape of a rose.

A video shot by Rachel Tremblay, a parent of one of the students, quickly went viral after showing her husband opening up one of the “roses”:

The school quickly sent out an apology and started investigating the incident:

The roses sold at our Mother’s Day plant sale were not the single faux flowers originally intended. Instead, the item was a Valentine’s Day gift intended for adults. The administration will determine how the error occurred and take steps to prevent a further recurrence,” the principal reportedly wrote in an email to parents.

However, the incident gained so much viral attention that even the Archdiocese of Philadelphia felt the need to release an apology as well:

Saint Anselm Parish School took immediate steps to remediate this issue when it became known, the situation represents an unfortunate mistake and we apologize deeply. We sincerely regret any embarrassment and discomfort that was caused and wish all mothers in the community a Happy and Blessed Mother’s Day with hearts full of gratitude.

Kevin Gavin, Chief Communication Officer, Archdiocese of Philadelphia

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