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February 2, 2022

Want to find other people with personalities just like yours, but have no idea where you look within your church? Well, we’ve got the most likely place to find each personality type if you’re looking to make new connections The enneagram is a great fun way to help understand yourself as well as the motivations […]

November 30, 2021

One of the staples of the holiday season is cheesy, overly romantic yet unrealistic Christmas movies. You know the formula: high strung female from the big city must return to (insert small town here), where there happens to be a small town hunk who helps her realize the true meaning of Christmas. The formula is […]

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If you’ve been alive for more than ten…seconds, you’ve probably heard the phrase, “Find someone who completes you.”  I understand the sentiment and I appreciate the ideology.  We all love the satisfying fit of one puzzle piece to another.  However, I think it might be counterintuitive and a little destructive to assume we are not […]

If you’re anything like me, you get your energy from being alone. And I’m not talking about “alone in a crowded room” – I’m talking about being locked up in your house or your apartment with no other humans around (pets, though, are always welcome), where you’re able to completely drown out the oh-so-loud noise […]

Before women dressed in orange high heels and men donned in multicolored ties walked into the sanctuary to listen to the Sunday sermon, I had already been in the third-row pew kicking my feet around in the air, waiting to find out what was for lunch from my parents. To me, it wasn’t odd that […]

Matt Whitman is a podcaster, YouTube host, pastor, and former atheist. Recently I was sent his testimony, and I found myself hooked, watching every second. He brings up some incredible questions, and a relatable story that many Christians have experienced when their faith hits a crisis point. Matt shares his story on how he went […]

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