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8 Unique Christian Gifts For When You Don’t Know What To Buy

December 13, 2021

We all unfortunately know this scenario all too well, Christmas is fast approaching and you still have a few gifts to send out, but there is only one problem, you have absolutely no idea what to get them. You could run to the nearest superstore but let’s be real that can be bland, unoriginal and has the possibility of appearing rushed and less individualized. 

But what if you’re like me and want to support local businesses? What if you want a gift that comes form a place with good morals, good people with a Christian like presence in their work. Here is the Christians Who Curse Sometimes Gift Guide to provide original gifts that support small businesses, Christian morals, and amazing gifts.

Dear Mushka

Provides Christian jewelry pieces that is absolutely breathtaking with beautiful and original designs. Products include necklaces, wristbands, and earrings. However the vision and goal means something more. Each art piece comes with its own Bible verse and representation and meaning behind it. Each piece is a story and there are even extra bible verse holders and mounts to put them on display.

Check out their best sellers here

Night Light Collection

Want to support a business that has an amazing cause? Night Light Collection sets the standard. This business helps women who are abused in the Thailand Sex Industry have a better future.

These women have the opportunity to create ornaments and earn a living. Not only are you giving a wonderful gift and an original ornament, you are helping someone create a better future and to escape a horrific past.

Check out their ornaments, jewelry and more here

God Talks With Kids

If you need a gift for a younger audience, products from God talks to kids it’s just the way to go. Their products encourage healthy discussion with kids about God communicating idea that God wants to have a relationship with us and that it is perfectly ok to talk to your parents about your questions of God. Products include advent alphabets, heart to heart magnets, T-shirts, mealtime game mats, and fun stickers that all the younger ones will enjoy.

Check them out here

Cheerfully Given

This site is not necessarily a product line itself, but an opportunity to find loads of products. Cheerfully given is exactly like Etsy, but it is for Christian gifts, creators, and products. This way it becomes much easier to search for gifts that come a business, big or small, with excellent values. 

Check out their creators here

Arise Creations

This is another site where your gifts fuel a greater cause. Arise Creations is a collection of jewelry and beauty products except all the jewelry is made by teenage girls who are from the west side of Chicago. Their motto is that beauty exists in broken things and their jewelry matches this philosophy.

Check them out here

Covenant Spice

Ever wanted to spice things up in the bedroom but always find an ethical dilemma supporting businesses that have  degrading products, nudity on the packaging and questionable morals, ethics, and motives? Well now you do not have to worry with Covenant spice. Covenant Spice is a Christian company that aims of taking things to the next level in the bedroom. Their products include  filled with Christian sex manuals for newly-weds, non pornagraphic packaging, excellent toys, tools, and enhancers for you and your spouse.

Check out their products here

Syreena Scents

Do you desire to have all natural products within your home? Syreenascents’ goal is just that. From soaps to bath bombs and everything in between, all the ingredients for these products are free of all artificial chemicals , heavy metals, and are made up of completely natural ingredients. So whether you prefer natural products because of health, environmental reasons, or ethical motivations, there are products are here just for you.

Check out their Instagram page here

Ol’ Factory Candle Co

Who doesn’t love the smell of a candle? These candles come in gift sets that are perfect for anyone and everyone. What sets them apart is their variety of candle collections. Typically we just by candles for the women but there is a candle collection for everyone on your list.  Whether, it’s all natural, the man’s man, seasonal sets, bakers scents, or floral scents they have it all and you could get that last minute gift that reflects your deep knowledge about the individual.

Check them out here

We at Christians Who Curse Sometimes wish you the best of luck as you buy your last minute gifts and we hope that the lead up to Christmas is not too hectic.

We want to wish you a very Merry Christmas and we hope you are able to get some much needed rest and rejuvenation.

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