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10 Things To Bake That Will Impress Everyone In Your Bible Study

June 9, 2021

One of my earliest memories was helping my mum in the kitchen baking and since the age of 10, I have been baking independently. I think it helped that I saw my mum provide hospitality for so many people and she was always baking or cooking for others. Whether that was unexpected guests popping in or getting to know the newest church congregation members or a Sunday School picnic. She was in the kitchen using her skills to serve people.

This was something I always admired, so it has seemed fitting that I am following in her footsteps with using my gift of baking to serve people. I have helped cater weddings, quiz nights, youth group camps just to name a few events. But the most frequent event I bake for is my young adults Bible study every fortnight. There is something about seeing my fellow Christian brothers and sisters enjoying my baked goods that warms my heart. 

So it’s safe to say that over the years I have learnt that Bible study suppers should follow a strict criteria:

  • Easy to make – ideally you should be able to whip them up in less than an hour (give or take baking time). 
  • Simple ingredients – you shouldn’t have to plan a trip to the grocery store just to buy ingredients.
  • Easy to transport – I have done the whole driving carefully with a decorated cake on the passenger seat far too many times and you honestly don’t need the added stress unless it’s a special occasion. 
  • Easy to eat, ideally one-handed – the last thing you need when you’re studying the bible is to be dealing with plates and forks so I tend to stick to bars or cookies for this reason.

So with the following criteria in mind here are my ten top crowd-pleasing Bible study supper recipes, which anyone can make:

Sugar Cookie Bars

When you want sugar cookies but without the mess and stress. These take a fraction of the time to make, but they have that classic sugar cookie taste we all know and love.

Rocky Road Brownies

Rich, chocolate brownies topped with marshmallow and melted chocolate. It’s a classic combination and one you can’t go wrong with. 

Nanaimo Bars

Yes I’m an Australian (I even have an Australian version on my blog! Nanaimo Bars (Australian version) (erin-marees-antics.blogspot.com) and I love this Canadian treat. It’s no-bake! So it’s perfect for summer, and it’s strangely addictive. 

Cinnamon Scrolls

These use a no-yeast dough which means they can be whipped in a flash. If you’re able to, try to bake them so you can serve them still slightly warm out of the tray.

Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies

I feel like these cookies could almost be healthy? You can add chocolate or leave it out, but either way they taste good and don’t require a huge amount of effort. 

Chocolate Mint Cookies

The classic combination of chocolate and mint in cookie form complete a cocoa crackle. 

Kentucky Butter Cake

This cake does require resting overnight, but it results in the most amazing cake which you can easily slice and transport. 

Coconut Cookies

These chewy buttery cookies really hit the spot and the coconut reminds me of summer. 

Caramel Slice

This recipe does take a bit of extra effort, but honestly it’s one of the most popular treats I bake. And it is always requested whenever I am asked to bake something for an event. 

Salted Caramel Cookies

I discovered these when I was on a migraine diet, and I loved how easy they were to make. They are the perfect combination of salty and sweet and super moreish.

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